It was green slime too!

I don't want to sound like a bragger but I'm so passionate about what I do and the media have been awesome at spreading the word...


How Four Visionaries Created High-Revenue Businesses On A Shoestring

“Starting a business, particularly if you are young and don’t have any money and contacts, is unbelievably tough,” says Wileman, who worked as a science educator before becoming an entrepreneur. “You don’t want to sound like you’re moaning about stuff, but it’s unbelievably difficult. The first year I probably worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week and didn’t take a day off for 12 months.

But that hard work paid off. Today the business he started in 2008 brings in seven-figure revenue—and Wileman is gunning to hit a big goal: Making science “awesome” for 1 million children at the company’s parties. He has 560,000 kids to go.”

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Oh, and there was that time I decided it would be a good idea to fire smoke rings at the Dragons in Dragons Den!

I was honured to share some awesome science experiments with millions on ITV This Morning!

It was a privilege to share a few ideas with some awesome humans with my very own TEDx Talk. Testing > Talent.

The media has been awesome at helping good ideas to spread.

The Huffington Post

Why More Young People Should Set Up Their Own Business

Nothing in this world is ever easy. To achieve your goals and be successful you need drive, determination, support and a little bit of luck. Becoming self-employed is no exception. When I first had the idea of Sublime Science, which recently featured on BBC 2’s Dragons’ Den, I was extremely excited but also daunted by the task that I’d set myself. As is the case with so many other entrepreneurs I’ve met on my journey so far, once the idea got into my head – it was impossible to let it go.

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The Huffington Post


Marc is utterly humbled to have received the following recognition...

YOU are Awesome!

Yeah, you! If you'd like a hand making your business just as awesome as you are I'd be happy to help...

*No magic secrets, or other guru nonsense, just a few ideas I picked up going from a Prince's Trust loan to a national company and a couple of Dragons that I'd love to share with you 😉