Queen-Marc-Wileman-250This website is all about helping YOU on YOUR entrepreneurial journey.

So why put all the awards on here, then?

Fair question.

Well, these days, every man and his dog has got a website and the world is full of pretend experts and gurus sharing all type of nonsense that falls radically short of helpful.

I'm definitely not saying I have all the answers, not even close!

But I do have some real experience of starting off with an idea in my mind and a tiny Prince's Trust loan and turning that into a real national company.

I think some of these ideas might really help.

My goal for this site is to help as much as possible and showing some fancy awards might just help me to do that.

Don't worry, no crazy-ego this end 😉

Queen's Award for Enterprise Winner

Queen-Marc-Wileman-250What an absolute honour to win a Queen's Award for Enterprise.

Her Majesty the Queen is a huge source of inspiration to me. At almost three times my age her work ethic and dedication and unbelievable and it's an immense honour to receive such recognition.

Alumni Laureate Award from The University of Nottingham

It was an incredible honour to be invited back to my old University in order to receive an Alumni Laureate Award.

I was even invited to address the graduating class and share some of the things that I've learned over the last decade.

National Winner Of Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year

What an absolute honour to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation as the Institute of Directors.

The level of competition was unbelievable and to have the work we do making science awesome recognised is a dream come true!

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Winner

great-british-entrepreneur-award-marc-wileman-500I'm absolutely blown away to have won a Great British Entrepreneur Award.

Anyone will tell you how massively patriotic I am and to be recognised by the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards is a true honour.

As an added bonus I got a picture with Caprice Bourret 'the world's most photographed woman' - who is also absolutely hysterical!

Rosemary Conley CBE Presenting The Social Media Practitioner of The Year Award

rosemary-conley-marc-wilemanI'm so passionate about social media.

For all its nonsense and negativity it allows us to connect with like-minded and awesome people in a way that was just not possible before.

I was blown away to win the Social Media Practitioner of the Year Award and to meet the (absolutely inspirational!) Rosemary Conley CBE.  She really is awesome and probably has more energy than me!


YOU are Awesome!

Yeah, you! If you'd like a hand making your business just as awesome as you are I'd be happy to help...

*No magic secrets, or other guru nonsense, just a few ideas I picked up going from a Prince's Trust loan to a national company and a couple of Dragons that I'd love to share with you 😉

Marc is utterly humbled to have received the following recognition...